Mahogany 80" Interior Door 4-Lite Frosted Glass

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4-Lite Style

Beautiful 4-Glass Panel Style Interior Door

Available in Standard Sizes:
24, 28, 30, 32 or 36" width x 80" height (x 1-3/8" thick)

Door Features:

  • Engineered Mahogany Wood (Front & Back layers of mahogany wood fused to layers of inner pieces of solid wood of other types)
  • Glass: Acid-Etched, Safety-Tempered, Single Pane, Privacy (1/8" thick)
  • Square Stop
  • Doors can be used for pocket doors, folding, sliding or barn style (hardware not provided)


Door Options:

  • Prefinished (stained) vs. Unfinished (No stain)                                                                                                 **(Please Note: the door pictured in the first photo is Prefinished in the Moorish Teak Stain Color. The second photo shows the unfinished door).
  • Prehung (vs. "Slab")
  • If prefinished, choice of Stain Color (adds 224.00 to price of door).
  • If prehung, choice of hinge finish & handing of door (adds 135.00 to price of door). Prehung option includes matching mahogany jambs (4-5/8"). We also have an option of Paint-Grade Jambs (as opposed to the Mahogany Stain-Grad Jambs) for $110.00 additional to price of door  ~ if you are interested in that, please talk to us.



We will be happy to communicate with you about any options that are unclear and/or questions you may have prior to ordering. We can also set up "custom listings" based on your complete order for ease of check-out.